Why should you choose a built-in Gas Hob?

The old-fashioned countertop stoves are now obsolete. A built-in Gas Hob would be the perfect solution if you remodel your kitchen or set up a completely new one. The features of these hobs add convenience to cooking and are easy to clean and more attractive.

Modern hobs are designed with a highly sleek look that enhances the décor of your kitchen.


Built-in hobs offer several advantages:

• Each burner has its heat control, so you can easily adjust the cooking temperature.
• The burners are designed to give uniform heating.
• Gas pipes and electrical wires are hidden so that your kitchen looks neat.

At Cndimple, we have the best Gas Hob for Sale. All hobs include options from 3 to 5 burners. Always choose your hob according to the largest vessel you use regularly. There should be sufficient distance between the burners to accommodate vessels of different sizes.



Cleaning of a Gas Hob

You should use microfiber cloths or sponges to wipe spills and stains off regularly; then wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth. Use only organic cleaning agents that are gentle on the surface. Using too much water will cause the burner not to light up as if it enters the holes. It will not light up until it dries.

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